10 Smartest Dogs Breeds In The World

  • 11/05/2018

Dogs are wonderful and trustworthy companions comparing to humans. They just follow the orders of their master, and they don’t deceive or betray him just for the sake of money or any other sort of comfort. But humans cannot expect the same degree of faith and affection from another. It has been found by researchers that domesticated dogs are descendants of wolves. These dogs develop a good relation, affection, and bonding with their master and this relationship is defined as a human-canine bond. Over 40% of the people around the world treat their domesticated dog like a family member providing all comforts at their home.

Some people treat them even more like their child by offering them the best dog bed and all other kinds of stuff to make it feel luxurious. Each dog has its own character and significance. Great Danes are really huge dogs which can be used to threaten unwanted visitors, on the other hand, lap dogs like Pomeranians cannot pose such a gigantic outlook, but they can handle situations in a different manner. Moreover, dogs are instant strain relievers who protect you well, and they would never make you feel alone which creates stress and depression. Listed below are some breeds of dogs which are best with humans. Scroll your mouse to take a look at it.

1. Border Collie

Border Collie is a cute and average sized herding dog which is used to assist the shepherd in herding the sheep by having control over them. They possess high stamina, unlimited energy and working drive which can be seen only in some rare species. This species has been used in the hilly regions of Scotland and England by the shepherds for their needs. Moreover, Border Collie dog has an attracting feature of learning. It can learn a command in less than 5 seconds and act according to the order of the master which keeps this breed in rank 1 amidst many dogs. These black and white dogs which are brilliant, energetic and dynamic can live up to 13 years.

2. German Shepherd

German shepherd dog has its origin in Germany which had been widely used to support shepherds. They are big sized dogs which are dominant over other, yet they prove to be faithful and affectionate to the family members. They also make a wonderful partner to your kid in assisting them in playing, learning, hiking, etc. They protect the family members and kids from the strangers by bringing out their suspicious and aloof behaviour to the strangers. Moreover, these kinds of dogs are obedient, loyal, intelligent, watching, alert and courageous dogs even to fight thieves.

3. Labrador

Labradors are muscular and athletic dogs which can learn and understand the commands of its master in less time. These dogs are used in the army as narcotics dogs which can scent any sort of drug. Labradors are indispensable working dogs which require plenty of exercises. As these dogs are expensive and very faithful microchip can be installed in them in order to prevent them from being stolen. Moreover, Labs make a very eminent and successful competitor in many dog games by having enough training, and without proper training, these dogs would become destructive.

4. Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are very energetic dogs whose significant feature is the discernment of any scent even from long distances. These dogs have long droopy face and ears, and due to their strong scenting capacity, they are used as police dogs. Moreover, Bloodhounds are used to track prisoners, lost children people and pets too. Bloodhounds have also been used for hunting the wild boars and deer since the middle ages.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Dobermann is a steadfast and loyal dog which remains obedient and affectionate to all the family members. These dogs are named after a German tax collector named Doberman who created this breed to protect him. These dogs a glossy coat over the body and a streamlined lean body with it can run very fast compared to other dogs and so they are used for hunting also. They also prove to be wonderful watchdogs and protectors suitable for people who live outdoors, and they act rude to the strangers but soft and caring to its master and his family.

6. Papillon

Papillons are spaniel breed of dogs which are very sensitive and loyal to its master. They are amazing companion dogs which become very aggressive to any other type of dog. The iconic feature of this friendly and adventurous dog is its ears with the long and hairy appearance resembling the wings of a butterfly, and so they are sometimes called as “Butterfly dogs”. They also show very grand and spectacular outcomes at dog shows due to their versatile and agile nature.

7. Poodle

Poodles are extremely active and cute looking intelligent dogs which can be trained for hunting, barking and to do some human activities also. These dogs have its origination from Germany, and it has curly hairs throughout its body, and they are available in various colour combinations. They are very energetic in water activity and can play well in it providing a friendly and amusing dog show to your kids, and hence they got the name “Poodle”. They don’t tolerate solitude, and so it should not be housed outdoors.

8. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland sheepdog is also called as Sheltie dog which is cute looking with a coat of striking colours. Dogs of these breeds are able jumpers, and so it could be suitable for the homes with the long fence in the backyard. They are soft and sweet to deal with the family members and can learn quickly. Even though they bark heavily, they are very caring and affectionate to children. The tan and white fluffy coat of fur at its collar and neck is its significant feature.

9. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is an extreme guard dog which seems to be very heavy, and it also excels as a police dog, service dog, herding dog etc. Rottweiler’s are also intelligent, strong and loyal which also make an efficient partner to the kids. Rottweiler’s put weight easily and so they need to be trained in the backyard every day for at least 20 minutes. Moreover, these dogs can’t sit idle doing anything, and so it is the responsibility of the owner to provide some work to the dog, or else Rottweiler itself will find its job which would be destructive.

10. Australian Cattle dog

Australian Cattle dog is an excellent dog breed which is very intelligent and agile. It is an expert in hunting, chasing and handling livestock and so it is shepherd friendly. This Australian Cattle dog has another name called” Blue healer”. They have upright ears, short fur and athletic body and so they are very much suitable for water activities. Moreover, Blue healer dogs have high affinity towards kids, and they accompany them wherever they go.

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