10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy For Life

  • 03/09/2017

Dogs are the human’s best friend and keeping them healthy is an important responsibility of the man. In this post, check out the ten simple ways to keep your dog healthy.

1. Keep him hydrated

A dog does a plenty of exercises and so it is necessary to provide him with the access to fresh quality water. If he doesn’t drink the water at proper intervals then you should give him at regular intervals. Change the water regularly so that dog drinks fresh water every time.

2. Proper Diet

The nutrition of dogs should be proper with the balanced diet. Provide him with the doggy food available in the market so that he remains healthy all the time. You can include super foods in the diet of the dog such as eggs, broccoli, carrots apple, chicken, etc. These foods will make him strong and healthy.

3. Avoid Dangerous Foods

Keep him away from the foods which can have the serious effects on his health such as raisins, caffeine, cooked bones, onions, alcohol, etc. Take care of him so that he doesn’t take these foods from the strangers also. In fact, you can train him to take the food by your only.

4. Lose Fat

Your dog should not be very healthy as the accumulation of fats can affect his health. You can easily check this by placing the hand on his chest. If you can feel the ribs then there is no fat. But if you feel that fat is accumulating then it’s time to identify the reason. It can be reduced by changing the diet patterns or through the physical activities.

5. Exercise

Daily walking and exercises prevent the obesity problems for your dog. You can take him for 10-15 minute walk twice a day. Play with him so that he gets involved in the physical activity and fats don’t accumulate in the bones. If the fats get accumulated then he will become lazy and lose his alertness.

6. Regular Cleaning

Dog catches diseases very fast. Thus it is important to clean him at least once in a week with the soap and shampoos. This way he will always be fresh and doesn’t have stinking problems. It will also prevent your health and you feel like touching and playing with him.

7. Visit the Vet

Vaccinations are important for the dogs. Visit the nearest Veterinary doctor and have the regular check up to keep the dog healthy all the time. It also provides you with an opportunity to discuss the diet plan and some signs which need attention.

8. Oral Health

It is necessary to provide the better hygiene to the dogs and avoid the problems such as tartar, tooth infections, bad breath, etc. You can use the doggy brush and tooth paste. If you face the problem brushing the teeth then you can use cloth and finger cot to clean his teeth.

9. Safety

Many accidents occur when you take your dog for the walk. Dogs are very unpredictable and run here and there. You can use Yippr LED Dog Collar to provide him with the best safety. Motorists, bicyclists and other pedestrians will able to spot the collar from the distance. The LED light ups and can be seen from the distance and helpful in preventing the accidents. In fact, it is also visible when the dog is playing or running.

10. Have Fun

Spend the time with your dog, play with him, take him to the different places. Try to include him in different activities. Train him such as searching something, Frisbee catching, playing with a ball, hand shaking.  Talk to him and train to nod the head for Yes or No. You can make him agile through different training courses.

Now that you know these simple but important ways, follow them and keep your dog healthy. A dog can divert your mind from the stressful conditions so keeping him healthy is the necessity.

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