5 Golden Tips for Chihuahua Puppy Training

  • 26/01/2014

Although some see training your new puppy as an option, it really should be considered a necessity. Although it may be tempting to think that because your Chihuahua is so small, you can just pick it up if it is necessary to remove it from a situation, you will want to train your pet to become a family member that is even tempered and likeable. Teaching your dog simple commands is also important for the safety of your Chihuahua. And so begins your Chihuahua puppy training.

Although you can enroll your Chihuahua in an obedience class, there are many simple tips that you can try in your home to begin the training process. Obedience classes may also become overwhelming for your dog because of its size. Classes are usually filled with larger dogs and may cause your new pet to be overwhelmed and nervous. After you've housebroken your dog with consistent time and commands, you can begin other simple commands. You will want to begin training soon after bringing your puppy home. The following tips are easy to follow and can end with successfully training your Chihuahua.

Tip #1

The first tip is for the owner. You will want to train your dog with a patient and calm attitude. Training a dog with new commands can take time. You will not want to use an angry voice or temperament with your dog. Choose a time that is not rushed and when you are also at your best. Training should happen in short time periods such as 15-20 minutes and focus on only one new command.

Tip #2

Y ou will want to find a consistent area of your home or yard that is free from distraction to do your training. You will not want loud noises such as radios and televisions nearby. Also be sure that other individuals are not in the area to distract your Chihuahua. Because of your pet's small size, it may seem easier for you to train your pet on a surface that is up close to you such as a table. This can be dangerous if your pet falls off so be sure to consider the safety of your pet in any area you choose to train in.

Tip #3

When teaching a new command use simple words or phrases. Using words such as "Sit", "Lay", "Fetch" are common commands to start out with. Also be sure that you are consistent with the same words or phrases each time.

Tip #4

Have plenty of treats on hand. Like many dog breeds, Chihuahuas are out to seek your approval and affection. You can reward their good behavior by using their favorite treats. Only reward your pet when they have correctly followed the command. At the beginning, you will want to place your pet in the command's position such as sit or lay. Remember to never force your pet with strong force. Gently placing them in the command position is what they will learn from. After being successful reward the behavior.

Tip #5

After your dog has successfully learned a command it is important to revisit the command. In order to keep it on quick recall, practice the command as part of your regular relationship with your pet.

Chihuahuas are wonderful pets. They adore your affection and attention. One way to build a strong relationship with them is to work on early training. Although the training may take time and patience, it will keep your new pet safe and will establish a relationship that both you and your dog with enjoy.

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